Price: $2995.00

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Ask about the complete package discount.

Unit includes: X,Y, Z gantry with controls and router

Digital Wood Carver Base Unit

Software– This runs on a PC and controls the router

Price: $795

Gives you the ability to create those unique rotational shapes.

4th Axis

Price: $150.00

Vacuum, hoses and housing to keep a sawdust free work area.

Dust System with Vacuum

Price: $195.00

Custom made to keep everything in one location.


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Carving Creativity

BobCAD/CAM-Is the software that takes to Art work to toolpath to G-code.

I’m a OEM dealer for BobCAD. I can provide V24 Standard and BobArt to run with my machine.


                                                                    E-mail or Call for pricing.

USBCNCN- This software interacts with the computer using USB. Hardware, Software and Pendant included.

Price: $210.00